GRIMM Night: The Fur + Bone Man

20u30 The Fur 
The Fur is an instrumental trio of space cadets from Belgium. Bringing music since spring 2011 ranging from 70's post/stoner to psychedelic rock.
Influenced by bands such as Colour Haze, Sungrazer and RoToR, The Fur delivers a loud and heavy show with an original vintage sound and psychedelic visuals from the good old days.

21u30 Bone Man (DE)
Bone Man is a rock group from northern Germany that mixes heavy sounds of 90s rock with psychedelic music. The band has been shaped in times of pervasive teenage angst, and has ever since been about the corrosive hardships of life that contaminate the soul. They are internationally noted for serving their willing audiences a seething mixture of heavy psychedelic/grunge rock, eardrum-demolishing noise guitar attacks and some form of ‚,pissed-off pop''. It's all about raw fuzz rock, anger, human deficiencies, the spiritual abyss and the inner swamplands.

Since ,,Bone Man” came to life in the end of 2007, they have released Singles, Splits, Eps, and Albums on Vinyl, CD and Tape. Since 2009, they have been touring on and off through Middle Europe, including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy.

Their new album “SHAPESHIFTER” will be released on Pink Tank Records in September 2015. And will be available on Vinyl, CD and and as a download.

22u30 Afterparty met DeJemoth

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Kinky Star Ghent, Belgium