GRIMM Night: Cathubodua + Anwynn

20u30 Cathubodua
Can you hear the roaring thunder?
Can you hear the trumpets calling?

Cathubodua was founded in the spring days of 2013 by violinist and composer Raven. Soon, the right musicians turned up to join the adventure. After one year of rehearsals, attempts to some home-recordings and lots of fun we are more than ready to perform on live-occasions.

The music we make is to be defined as Symphonic Metal. Altough, more precisely, it's more like Epic Symphonic Metal with some Folk-influences.

The name "Cathubodua" is the name of an acient Gaulish goddess, who is half raven, half woman.

The songs are based on fantasy tales and historical legends. Heroes, Wizards, Princes, Romans, Goblins and of course a Storyteller: that's what you'll find here! We take you through an epic journey where everything is possible!

So draw your swords and raise your tankard of ale, here we are!

21u30 Anwynn
Anwynn is the name given to the Otherworld in Welsh mythology, the realm of spirits and deities, an idyllic world where food is abundant and disease doesn't exist. It can somehow be compared to Valhalla in Norse mythology.

Born in 2007 as a heavy metal band, Anwynn has now evolved to become a symphonic death metal band with female vocals and male growls. The lyrics take their roots in celtic culture, often referring to gaulish legends and welsh tales. 
As a matter of fact, every male musician wears the traditional kilt on stage and drinks in horns!

The band has already shared the stage with great bands such as Arch Enemy, Leaves Eyes, The Agonist, Tristania and even Scorpions!

22u30 Afterparty

Gratis inkom!
Free entrance!

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