Toen de redactie het genoegen had van Wacken te genieten, wist deze band niet alleen een steengoed optreden neer te leggen, maar konden we de volgende dag een kort interview met hen afleggen zodat ook jullie deze eens beter leren kennen.

Drescher is een melodische Thrash/Heavy Metal band uit Oostenrijk, met een twist. Naast de harde riffs en ritmisch drumwerk, kan je ook genieten van een typisch Germaans instrument: de accordeon. Als velen van jullie nu een wenkbrauw optrekken, luister zelf maar naar hun lied onderaan dit artikel en beslis dan of dit op de juiste plaats staat.

Tijdens ons bezoek aan Wacken hebben we hen te pakken gekregen voor een kort introductie interview. Momenteel hebben ze één single en één full album uit, de moeite om eens op te zoeken!

Links naar rechts: Roland Engel (Bass), Gernot Engel (Guitars), Bernd Wograndl (Vocals, Guitars), Sigi Meier (Drums), Filip Rado (Accordion)

So first of all, tell me and my readers what Drescher is all about.
We try to make a new kind of genre, Dresch metal! (laughs) Well, Drescher is about trying to create authentic Austrian music, if it was metal. We have a lot of bands that use folk instruments because they are Viking Metal or something medieval, but we don't have anything to do with that. Our goal is to create an authentic Austrian feeling in our music. That is why we use the accordion, a typical instrument from our area.

Tell me a bit about how you guys started this project.
We (Gernot & Bernd) started out with my old band, Bleeed, which was more of a concept band. We wanted to make something new, making a difference, but Bleeed was to typical, too unsexy. 

Sigi: And since I am so sexy, I joined up when we started Drescher to resolve that problem. I got a call, playing in Hallucination Compagny at the time. Things progressed and before we knew it, Bleeed became Drescher.

What about the name and lyrics? We don't speak Austrian so we have no clue what it means.
The name basicly translates Thrash in our language, but it could also mean to play very loud or many other things. One of these is "Harvester", which we can see in the name of our first album: Erntezeit or in English: harvest time.

As for the lyrics, they are mostly autobiographic. Most of us have attained a certain age where we can say something like that and get away with it. (laughs) But not all, like the song Dresch Quetschn is just a happy song, a bit typical for our style. It's simply something like "we're here, we're ready to dresch!" kind of thing. 

The third song on the CD, Zeit zum Gehn, is a bit of a darker song. It's about a nightmare that happened in Amstetten, a small city in northern Austria. Just like you guys have Marc Dutroux, we have Josef Fritzl. He was a guy who kept a whole family locked up in a cellar with some unspeakable happenings. The song is basicly about how time can heal many wounds, but some scars stay for a much longer time.

About the less-happy songs on the CD, one of my favorites is "Danke fia nix".
(Bernd) Ah! That's just what I was to most of the people I know. When you get older, you have met a lot of people in your life and about 95% of them are just complete assholes. They don't add any value. 

It's a lot of work to tell them that individually, so this song is for all those people to which I can only say: thanks for nothing!

So last night, I heard a song I didn't hear on the album: Amadeus.
Yes! That will be our new single. We will be making a videoclip of it soon.

Something to look forward to then. I'm afraid we don't have a lot of time left so is there anything you want to say to our readers?
Greetings to Belgium! We loved your movie about the boy from Flanders (De Witte van Sichem), a classic in Austria. Keep on dresching and Danke fia nix!