• By ilse
  • On 18/11/2015

Ensiferum 1At Hellfest 2015 we met Sami Hinkka from Ensiferum for a nice chat in the press-area.

Sami Hinkka (ᵒ1978) is the bass player and clean/backing vocalist in Ensiferum. He joined the band in 2004 and also writes most of the lyrics, ever since ‘Victory Songs’, and we know why, because of his insightful answers throughout the interview, wow!

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Officiële Aankondiging Hellfest 2016

Hellfest2016Hellfest kondigt eerste namen aan!

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Alestorm logoIlse deed een interview met Elliot van Alestorm na Hellfest, omdat ze daar te hard zouden feesten. Granted. Cheers!


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Hellfest 2015 Review

Hellfest reviewLees hieronder over onze ervaringen op Hellfest 2015.

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